LSF Provides Services to The Various Sectors

Current and recent clients of LSF

Envoy Textiles, Sheltech Ceramics, Sheltech Brokerage Limited, Knit Concern Group, Fiber@Home Limited, Kalyar Replica, and Kalyar Packaging Limited, Biopharma Bangladesh Limited, Surecell Medical Limited.

Our Services

Cost Audit & Vat Tax Services

Cost Audit

  • Develop costing system
  • Designing and establishing cost accounts
  • Identify wastages in the operations and their reduction
  • Enables negotiation of a fair price with the buyer
  • Visualize the financial condition of the Company
  • Enables implementation of structured Cost reduction programs
  • Supports the management decision-making process by ensuring the credibility of Cost-based Information Reports
  • Conduct cost audit as per the compliance with BCAS, BSEC, and Ministry of Commerce & Industries

Management Audit

  • Conduct Process Audit
  • Conduct special purposes Audit
  • Conduct Performance Audit
  • Review Internal control system; and
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures

Fund Management & Business Advisory Services

  • Corporate Treasury Fund
  • Foreign Exchange Fund
  • Bankable Project Profile

ERP Implementation and Technology Solutions

  • Partnering with SAP Silver partner based in New Delhi, India to help our client as implementation partner
  • Providing consultation on process mapping and ensuring implementation of the process is in line with the business need and agreement
  • SAP Implementation/ Re-implementation services
  • SAP Support Services (Onsite & Offsite)
  • SAP Audit/Health check and BPR services/process improvements
  • SAP Upgrade Services (Technical/Version)
  • Suite on HANA (SOH DB Migration)

Budget and Budgetary Control

  • Organize awareness program for communication and preparation of budget across the departments
  • Preparation and Implementation of Budget Process
  • Implement Budgetary Control Process

Services Outsourcing for Start-up, SME and large Corporate

  • Internal Audit team
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Statements preparation as per the requirement of IFRS
  • Helping organization to recruit the right person for the right placement
  • Income Tax & VAT– maintenance of proper recording, books of accounts, withholding of Tax & VAT, and other compliances
  • Annual report designing and preparation

Business Transformation

  • Supporting management to turn around a losing concern to a profitable one
  • Turning around employees’ mindsets, activities, sales, profits, and the overall business
  • Setting strategy for sustainable improvement
  • Measuring Operational Efficiency
  • Establish performance Management systems and KPI
  • Developing and deploying strategy and Operating models that are right for your organization and facilitating leadership in Transformational Change
  • Developing Operational expertise that will drive performance every day, make things happen, and deliver results
  • Feedback and Assessment that will help for understanding the organization, its strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, threats, and its culture, and planning for change
  • Providing training to the staff for performing their best in their respective department with the help of leading professionals, corporate trainers, and academicians.

Business Process

  • Health check-up of the different processes of organizations
  • Business process mapping and reporting
  • Route cause analysis and recommendations for the action plan

Permission, Licenses, and other related services

  • Company formation and Company matter service (RJSC)
  • BIDA related documentation and service
  • Export Registration Certificate (ERC)
  • Import Registration Certificate (IRC)
  • Indenting Registration Certificate (IRC)
  • Bonded Warehouse License
  • Certificate of Registration of Factories and Establishment
  • Fire License, Trade License
  • Quality Certification Mark
  • Copyright Registration
  • Registration Certificate of Patent
  • Registration Certificate Designs
  • Trade Marks Registration

Tax & VAT

Corporate and Individual Tax Management

  • Corporate Tax Health check-up
  • Individual and Corporate Tax Planning
  • Individual Tax assessment and return submission
  • Computation of Quarterly Advance Income Tax (AIT) and deposit to the same to Govt. Treasury
  • Preparing, computing, and submission of Income Tax Return
  • Obtaining income tax clearance certificate
  • Obtain refunds from NBR
  • Representing and processing of appeals assisting the company on the Audit conducted by NBR
  • Providing payroll tax and TDS & AIT guidelines; and
  • keeping clients updated on ongoing developments in law and regulations

VAT Management

  • VAT Registration
  • VAT Health Checkup and review transactions on VAT deducted as sources
  • Monthly VAT return (Mushak: 9.1) preparation & submission
  • Assisting in obtaining refunds from NBR
  • Representation and correspondence with VAT authority during documents preparation, review, attending the hearing & VAT Audit on behalf of clients